For a smooth and intelligent prospecting outside Europe

D Soft developed the platform for Belgian Chambers.

This application is based on the BlueRidge platform. The purpose of this project was to develop an application for online requests of ATA/CPD carnets. These carnets are used by entrepreneurs and employees at the Chamber of Commerce. The website allows entrepreneurs to electronically fill out, sign, submit and print the carnet.

An ATA/CPD carnet is in fact a customs document allowing companies to temporarily import goods without payment of customs duties and/or taxes (e.g. for fairs, exhibitions or competitions) into non-EU countries or assimilated territories affiliated to the ATA network for a well-defined type of use. The network of Chambers of Commerce is autorized to issue ATA/CPD Carnets. It acts internationally as the national guaranteeing organization.


How does eATA work?

The application offers functionalities that depend on the user's privileges.

An entrepreneur logs on to to request a carnet. The request can in fact be made based on a blank or existing application, a duplicate or a replacement. This way, the user does not have to fill out everything again each time. The user follows the differents steps, fills in all the necessary fields, adds the required documents and submits the request. An employee of the Chamber of Commerce approves of rejects the application. After approval the entrepreneur is able to print the carnet.

A registered Chamber employee manages the enterprises/users, he can activate, add and remove users. When the Chamber employee rejects a request he can quickly inform the entrepreneur via a message. The Chamber employee can also initiate himself an ATA carnet application on behalf of a company. Reports can also be generated using certain criteria.


  • Full control of the process from start to finish, namely from registration to delivery of the carnet.
  • Protection against fraud and manipulation of the configuration and/or client data.
  • Emphasis on content control by the Chamber.

eATA movie     -     eATA carnet folder (PDF, NL & FR)