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D Soft develops and offers products that encourage and simplify the use of electronic documents, with a particular emphasis on security.


DocTrails is a universal messaging platform. The platform provides an automatic and certified exchange of messages between various ERP systems.


Our goal is to offer a completely hands-off document processing service. D Soft will train DocFlows for your specific market and type of documents, e.g. invoices and orders. You provide us with samples, we train the model. DocFlows will be fully integrated with DocTrails.


DocConnect is the central part of the webshop service that can be accessed via a WebAPI to request data for the mobile app. This app allows customers to place orders with suppliers that are further processed by DocTrails.


Turn data into results, response and resolution. Run data analytics at speed and scale for observability, security, and search with Kibana. Powerful analysis on any data from any source, from threat intelligence to search analytics, logs to application monitoring, and much more.


iSigner is an advanced digital signature service. This service provides digital PDF and XML signatures in both local and remote mode. Documents can be signed with qualified or advanced certificates that result in qualified or advanced signatures in accordance with eIDAS legislation.