Allow customers to quickly search, compare and order products

D Soft has developed an application consisting of the following components:

DocConnect (formerly AppServer) is the central part of the service that can be accessed through a WebAPI to retrieve data. Users and administrators can also access the data in DocConnect through the portal.

Mobile App

Smartphones and tablets are also increasingly used in retail to search for information and place orders, making them therefore the fastest growing sales channel. A mobile app is often much easier and faster to use than a web shop, because the mobile app is more tailored to the functionality of the smartphone or tablet, and it can also be used offline. D Soft has developed a mobile ordering app together with Zevij-Necomij especially for their affiliated wholesalers.

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A few benefits

  • Customer-specific prices and stock indication
  • Simple and fast ordering by scanning the barcode
  • Extensive article information
  • Safety sheets, instruction manuals and demo films directly at hand


The WebShop is part of the AppServer and is an application with the main purpose of searching, comparing and ordering products. The end user can browse through the catalog or search for products in a specific way by using the search engine and filters.

The WebShop can be used as a full-fledged website and consists of several pages with all kinds of content (such as product overview, promotions, branches, contact, etc.). They can be accessed from navigation menus. The structure and design are determined by a template that is defined in the DocConnect portal. This template defines the layout. Several templates are available and new ones can be developed if required. The look & feel of the WebShop is customized by the administrator.


The main functions

  • Search and filtering
  • Multilingualism
  • Browse products and categories
  • Compare items
  • Add articles to favorites
  • Chatting with users
  • Using the shopping cart


In the DocConnect portal you can configure various parameters and settings. The assortment in the Webshop is loaded in DocConnect. Products can come from different sources, such as Webshop files from EZ-base, links with PIM systems like Perfion, or e.g. from your own CSV file. You can choose the frequency yourself.

My account

Users can manage their personal settings:

  • Orders
  • Profile
  • Favorites
  • Password


All applications are managed through the portal. Only designated administrators are granted access:

  • Users: The portal administrator manages the users. He can manually add, edit or delete users. The application also supports importing users via a CSV file.
  • Order overview: Orders are viewed globally or by customer.
  • Branches: Branches can be uploaded and activated.
  • Actions en promotions: Promotions can be added and displayed as a carousel. An article can be attached to each promotion.
  • Mail designs and templates: The portal sends several emails to end users and administrators. Each email is sent according to a configurable HTML template. A user with admin rights can set and test all templates.
  • Composite products: Most Product Information Management (PIM) systems do not provide composite items. However, in practice, composite articles are frequently needed. They can be created in the DocConnect portal. Each composed product consists of one or more products of which you can determine the price, images and properties.
  • Virtual warehouses: In the web shop the stock from a warehouse can be shown for each article. You can create this yourself via the functionality in the portal. More and more manufacturers are joining in and providing insight into their current stock.


The administrator can adjust the functionality and design of the webshop in the portal:

  • Webshop and App
  • Language
  • Search engine
  • Shopping cart

Webshop CMS

The administrator can build his own information pages in the portal and add different modules such as a contact form, promotions, blog, search bar, breadcrumbs, shopping cart, … He has full control over the content of the WebShop. The following functions are available:

  • Overview of all web pages
  • Assigning pages to menus
  • Defining the page order
  • Configuring the modules per page
  • Live editing of the web pages
  • Editing the webshop’s CSS with the styling function