Efficiently exchange structured messages between providers and buyers

DocTrails is a universal messaging platform. The platform ensures an automatic and certified exchange of messages between different ERP systems. DocTrails has been implemented in full compliance with the applicable national and European legislation. Companies deliver the data in their structured format. If necessary, the data is converted to XML or PDF and provided with an electronic signature based on an advanced or a qualified certificate (as required in Germany, for example). The electronic messages (such as invoices, orders, packing lists and order confirmations) are sent to the customers or kept available in the portal. The electronic invoices can also be archived electronically and made available to the customer.


A few benefits:

  • Reduced cost
  • Higher efficiency
  • Environmental friendly
  • Fast ROI
  • Strong security
  • High quality

DocTrails can provide your company with an electronic solution, regardless of how many documents and invoices you issue. Qualified signatures can be applied to the electronic invoices and messages, such as orders, dispatch advice… to provide a high level of security and are compliant with the European directives.

The DocTrails solution, whether it is in-house or hosted, can offer you substantial savings while issuing invoices. With our e-invoice solution your invoice management process becomes highly efficient. Both invoice senders and recipients benefit from our electronic invoicing solution.

Our guiding principles

Security: D Soft emphasizes information security from design to the use of security technologies and internal awareness training. Annual penetration testing ensures external security.

Reliability: Your data is secure thanks to advanced symmetric encryption and digital signatures. The infrastructure is designed for integrity and availability.

Speed: DocTrails v4 uses high-performance appliances and a Kubernetes environment for parallel message processing and scalability.

User Interface: DocTrails v4 provides a modern, user-friendly and responsive user interface in 5 languages for easy access across devices.

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