The Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce represents the accredited Chambers of Commerce in Belgium and 33 Belgian-Luxembourg Chambers abroad.

D Soft developed the DigiChambers platform and eATA carnets applications for the Belgian Chambers.

iSigner was integrated into the DigiChambers platform to ensure the authenticity and integrity of certificates of origin.


The DigiChambers application is based on the iSigner platform. The aim of this project was to develop an application for the online document, the Certificate of Origin. This document can be used with entrepreneurs, employees of DigiChambers, the Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Government. This website allows users to fill in, sign, send and print certificates of origin electronically.


The eATA-Carnet application is based on the BlueRidge platform. The purpose of this project was to develop an application for online ATA/CPD carnet requests that can be used by entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce – and DigiChambers co-workers. The application allows users to digitally fill, sign, submit and print the ATA/CPD carnet.

“The new version of DigiChambers is more intuitive and user-friendly,”  says Christophe Coulie of the Federation, who closely followed the whole development process. “Using a good API, we want to make communication with our customers’ systems even easier and furthermore, we have conceived DigiChambers in such a way that new technologies such as blockchain can be integrated.”