Coöperatieve Inkoopvereniging DGC u.a. has been a successful purchasing organization for technical installers since 1995. DGC has 26 members, all family-owned companies, who are among the top installation companies in the Netherlands and frontrunners in the industry.

D Soft developed the DGC Inkoopportaal. this is a component of DocTrails. It includes communication of results between DGC and its members using monthly generated reports as well as the ability to submit or upload document.

The DocTrails Inkoopportaal consist of:

  • A document management module
  • Kibana dashboards
  • Reporting using Elasticsearch

The DocTrails portal keeps track of all invoices from suppliers. Through an export mechanism, millions of invoices are in fact stored as invoice lines in an Elasticsearch database and are aggregated. Furthermore, reports were developed specifically for DGC. The management of the members use this Dashboard to obtain an accurate insight into the realised turnover per supplier. And, if necessary, to make adjustments in accordance with the turnover objectives.