MEDIBEL+ is an association of Belgian companies active in the advertisement branch, like advertisement selling companies , media centers, agencies, and media. Photographic companies, publishers and printing companies were added afterwards. Because of the large number of options, reservations and invoices that are actually exchanged between these parties, the implementation of EDI realizes large savings for the processing of these documents.

Justification Numbers

Currently every print media publisher sends his own analogue justification numbers to his customers. No uniform method is used for this. Occasionally, these fysical justification numbers can be damaged, too late, incomplete or not at all delivered to the customer.

D Soft developed a platform for media centers, agencies and other recipients to, in addition to their analogue justification numbers, receive their justification numbers also in a digital way. This will reduce the number of printed justification numbers to be sent. Furthermore, the recipients receive a digital copy the day of publication.

Today Roularta Media Group, Mediahuis, Thema Media, DPG Media,  L’Avenir Advertising, IPM Group, Groupe Rossel, Sanoma and Trustmedia use the DocTrails platform.