The 'Nederlandse Inkoopcombinatie voor de Installatietechniek' (NiCI) is a professional purchasing combination for installation companies active in the W and E sector. NiCI's objective is to increase both turnover and margins for its participants. In addition, saving time is an important NiCI goal for its participating installation companies.

The bundling of purchasing power of NiCI's participants strengthens the market position of its individual participants. In addition, the professional data analysis and experience of the employees ensures optimal pricing.

The integration of our DocTrails solution was easy to implement within NiCI's existing ICT infrastructure. It enables the exchange of electronic messages in an efficient and structured manner.

Messages can be delivered by portal, X400 or our DocTrails Connector. In the portal, the user gets a detailed overview of incoming, outgoing and error messages. DocTrails ensures that the electronic commercial documents are provided with an electronic signature so that the origin and uniqueness is guaranteed.