Our mission

“Offer our customers solutions that transform existing paper workflows into a digital paperless office.”

Who are we?

D Soft N.V. was founded in 1998 and is known as a small, flexible SME. The company is located in Merelbeke near Ghent. D Soft has developed several products and services to stimulate and simplify the use of electronic documents. Our customers include federal and local governments in the Netherlands and Belgium. Various private companies also call upon our expertise. The competences of the employees are situated both in the .NET as in the J2EE domain.

We offer our clients solutions that help convert paper-based workflows to digital solutions. A well-known example is the successful DocTrails. But we also tackle the automation of logistics administration. Many companies use our software to exchange their messages such as electronic invoices.

“With artificial and business intelligence we take steps into the future”

Frank Delanghe, managing director of D Soft

D Soft looks ahead

D Soft will be able to continue to accelerate with DocTrails thanks to artifical intelligence. And thanks to business intelligence, the data generated with DocTrails can be used intelligently. After all, with regression analysis this data can also be used in a predictive manner.

Frank Delanghe, Managing Director of D Soft:

“In 2019, we were able to achieve a substantial growth in sales due to the fact that we were able to realize among other things a large custom project, ‘DigiChambers‘, the digital portal for the Chambers of Commerce in Belgium. But because we have also invested enormously in product development, this growth in turnover does not translate directly into growth in profit. One of the products that has taken a lot of time and therefore money is the further development of the Zevij-Necomij catalogue. As a result we now offer a site that is as generic as possible and that can be fully customized by members. In this way two of our four activities have been highlighted: customization and e-commerce. In addition, we are and will remain very active in message traffic (DocTrails has now existed for ten years) and in working securely with digital signatures.

What will the future bring?

Looking ahead, Frank Delanghe expects the biggest development with DocTrails: “DocTrails is a wonderful product, but we see opportunities to use the product better and more. Setting up DocTrails for the electronic processing of electronic invoices is complex and often manual. As a result, often almost a month passes before a new connection is fully operational. It remains laborious and therefore time-consuming. And there is still manual work involved. This must be eliminated if we really want to scale up. That’s why in the coming years we are going to use artificial intelligence to do the job. The software tools we need are already available and have proven themselves. We are now going to integrate them to create a self-learning system. Once we succeed in that, D Soft can scale up, without being inhibited any more by the lack of good ICT people.”

DocTrails allows enormous amounts of data to be generated. Frank Delanghe: “We can generate information from those data, such as invoice data like product, price, description, date. For example, the average price for a broomstick or sales in a geographical sense. But in the coming years we want to go a step further. By also using business intelligence, we want to use the past to make predictions about the future. We have the data available and we are going to use it optimally to provide insight and to support both members and suppliers in making decisions for the future.

That’s not stretching it, because looking five years ahead is an eternity in IT. It is reality in the very near future, because the data and the technology are already available. I am convinced that in this way we will continue to maintain our leading role and that we will also use it more broadly than just in Belgium and the Netherlands.”

Our Services


The DigiChambers application is based on the iSigner platform. The aim of this project was to develop an application for the online document, the Certificate of Origin. This document can be used with entrepreneurs, employees of DigiChambers, the Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Government. This website allows users to fill in, sign, send and print certificates of origin electronically.

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The eATA-Carnet application is based on the BlueRidge platform. The purpose of this project was to develop an application for online ATA/CPD carnet requests that can be used by entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce – and DigiChambers co-workers. The application allows users to digitally fill, sign, submit and print the ATA/CPD carnet.

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DocZend is a web application specifically designed to send large files (up to 6 Gigabytes) securely and reliably over the Internet.

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Our vision

“The combined effort of our custom development and in-house product suite offers a solution to make a transition from a paper based workflow to a digital equivalent. By nature a digital equivalent workflow provides more security, is more efficient, saves overall costs, has less environmental impact and therefore creates value for our customers.”