To give you an idea of who our customers are, here's an overview of some of our projects.


Zevij-Necomij has been using DocTrails for over 10 years as an advanced platform for message traffic. Every day Zevij-Necomij now sends thousands of electronic invoices to its members via D Soft's solution.

These companies also use DocTrails: Vanderpeijl, Lecot, Santens, Asamco, Abel Installatie, Sax Sanitair...


Zevij-Necomij uses DocFlows to further digitalize the chain.


Zevij-Necomij offers more than 2 million products in their ZN-Catalogue.

Belgian Chambers

For Belgian Chambers, D Soft developed the DigiChambers platform and the eATA carnets applications based on iSigner.


D Soft developed the DocTrails Business Intelligence solution and the DGC Inkoop portal.