Ferney Group is the largest Dutch purchasing organization in the field of construction hardware trade. There are 42 affiliated members with over 400 branches in the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides excellent purchasing conditions, Ferney also offers its members supporting facilities. The Ferney Group product range consists of hardware, tools, hinges and fasteners and materials for construction, industry and the DIY segment.


The DocTrails solution for Ferney handles the translation of various message types and formats between members, suppliers and Ferney itself. Users send messages to the Ferney platform via X.400, AS2, via the portal or via a component that runs within their own network: the DocTrails Connector. This connector provides secure communication between the various applications.


The benefits of paperless communication with their members and suppliers had been clear at Ferney for some time. Based on the objectives and starting points at Ferney, the DocTrails solution was chosen. After all, this solution is easy to integrate into the existing application and ICT infrastructure. It also supports the electronic exchange of business transactions in a professional manner. Orders from members to suppliers and Ferney are linked to the corresponding order confirmation, packing list and invoice. Via DocTrails, the electronic trade documents are provided with an electronic signature and the origin and uniqueness are guaranteed.